Archiving deleted mails in Dovecot without using a namespace

When I first started using Dovecot, I looked high and low for a way to archive mails, and came up with nothing useful except for lazy_expunge. I find archiving all deleted mails far more preferable to manual copying for two reasons:

  1. I want to store all mails for posterity unless I am very sure otherwise
  2. When storing mails for posterity in mutt, delete-message is far faster than copy-message, making even macros a painfully slow operation

lazy_expunge has always annoyed me somewhat, because I don't have any need for the granularity of having an entirely separate namespace for archiving, I just want one maildir folder to shove everything into.

Today I came upon dovecot_deleted_to_trash, which does exactly what I wanted to do when I first started using Dovecot. The configuration I use for archiving mails looks like this:

protocol imap {
  mail_plugins = deleted_to_trash

plugin {
  deleted_to_trash_folder = Archive

If you feel like patching Mutt, you can also use the trash folder patch.