Hey there! I'm a kernel developer and SRE, primarily working on Linux memory management. I work at Meta as part of the Linux Kernel team, and am responsible for improving the overall reliability and performance of user-facing products from an infrastructure perspective. In general, my drive is in conceiving, designing, and improving systems that make Meta and the wider industry better.

Most of my active work revolves around making operating systems more efficient at scale, developing things like the Linux kernel, cgroups, systemd, and a number of other emerging technologies.

Outside of that, I dabble in photography and sim racing.

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I am a creator, contributor to, or maintainer of a number of projects, including:

cgroup v2modern resource control and accounting
clipmenuclipboard manager with a dmenu frontend
dwmdynamic window manager for X
exifrenamefast renames based on EXIF data
funcfmtfunction trait based formatting
Linuxfree and open-source OS kernel
mackopinionated, fast music organiser
mpdmenucontrol mpd from dmenu
mpvvideos on the command line
notasuper simple daily logs with your $EDITOR + git
oomdnext-generation OOM killer
osqueryOS instrumentation, monitoring, and analysis framework
passthe standard Unix password manager
psi-notifyproactively detect machine oversaturation
srttools and library to handle SRT subtitles
systemdsystem and service manager for Linux
the Pro Git bookguide to Git and its internals
tzupdateupdate /etc/localtime automatically using geolocation
xinput-toggletool to manipulate arbitrary xinput devices
zcfanzero-configuration fan control for ThinkPad
zshmodern Bourne-like shell

You can find other projects on my GitHub, although if they're not on this list, I'm probably not actively developing or maintaining them.

Selected talks

7 years of cgroup v2at FOSDEM
The future of Linux resource controlat LISA
Linux memory management at scaleat SREcon/FOSDEM
cgroup v2: Linux's new unified resource hierarchyat FOSDEM/ASG
Lessons learned running SSL at scaleat FOSDEM
The Web Foundation modellecture at UCL
Shell pitfalls and code smellsat LVL.UP Kuala Lumpur
Pragmatic minimalism as a software design toolat LVL.UP Kuala Lumpur

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